Nog een

Cheerio then
Outward bound and on again
Across the channels seas
And every mile now a mile
Nearer to our home port
Where all our friends will be

The morning light is on us
Now There will be no more endless Empty seas
For we are travellers come Home again
To be where it is we need be

Our fine boat has done us proud
And kept us safe at sea
But now it is time to let her
Rest in silence at her moorings
In harbour and in safety

No more at night a glistening
Canopy of endless stars
Nor by day
A myriad of different seas
For now we past the buoys
And well marked channels
Which guide us back again
Into the into the ways of society

And yet who us there that
We might tell of all of this
At our journeys brings us
Yet again to among our so
Loved and cared for friends
When every day was a different
Day upon a journey that
It now seems both happy
And yet so sad in fact to end!  

Dartmouth, August 12th 2013
Kevin Pyne